Visit These 6 New Knoxville Businesses This Spring

Warm weather is here, spring has sprung, and new businesses in Knoxville are popping up like daisies!

Are you fixin’ to find your newest hangout spot? Here are some new additions to the 865 you’ve gotta explore this spring.

Honeybee West

You might think you know Honeybee Coffee – after all, they’re no stranger to the Scruffy City. This caffeinated concept started out of a trailer and opened their first store in SoKno this past winter. After solidifying their reputation as quality coffee-creators, they opened a second location out west in Farragut just days ago!

You’ll find the same quality coffee here, but the vibe is completely different. The building is open and spacious, and perfect for enjoying a latte or beer with a friend. There are food trucks outside every now and again, so plan your visit accordingly!

Photo: Honeybee Coffee Company / Facebook

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Status Dough

Knoxville’s newest dough-y bakery seems like it popped up overnight. Status Dough opened its doors last week, and was welcomed to the 8-6-5 with huge lines and tremendous praise. People who waited to visit the Kingston Pike shop this weekend were out of luck, as they were completely sold out of doughnuts every day their opening weekend!

So what makes these doughnuts so special? Sure, Status Dough is delicious. But the reason these bad boys stand out is because of their size. They’re MASSIVE. You can’t find a doughnut of this caliber nearby. Besides taste and size, Status Dough also offers variety. If you – for some bizzare reason – aren’t into the traditional doughnuts, Status Dough has a variety of other options. We recommend their apple fritter, which is pictured in the upper left-hand corner of this picture!

Photo: Status Dough / Facebook

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Merchants of Beer

Knoxvillians who frequent downtown Knox, are probably familiar with the abandoned building on the corner of Summit Hill and North Central. This former eyesore is almost unrecognizable now, with the shiny “Merchants of Beer” sign on the forefront and quaint little patio to the side.

Within the next couple weeks, this downtown spot will house a cigar shop, beer garden, and two dozen taps of beer and wine. As the weather continues to warm up, head over to enjoy a lazy Saturday afternoon.

Photo: @letusdrinkknox / Instagram

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Hexagon Brewing

Knoxville’s craft beer scene is getting even better, with the addition of a new north Knoxville brewery. Hexagon Brewing has been in the works for a while and opened their doors for a soft opening last weekend! From now ’til their grand opening celebration April 21st, the brewery will release new brews. They’re open every day, so stop in and say hello!

Photo: @New2Knox / Instagram

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Modern Studio

Modern Studio officially opened a few weeks ago, and has quickly become a go-to venue for musicians, makers, and meet-ups. This North Central spot might be new to Knoxville, but they’ve hit the ground running! The space hosts events every week, ranging from concerts to “adulting” workshops. No matter what you’re interested in, there’s a good chance Modern Studio has an event tailored for you in the near future. Check out their website to find out what they have planned!

Photo by: Ashton Streifert Photo

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Body Mind Realign and Gratitude Bar

When most people think of drinks that make them feel good, alcoholic beverages are the first thing that come to mind. However, The Gratitude Bar in Old City is practicing a different type of mixology that’s much better for you than a cocktail.

A variety of “gratitinis” await you at this quirky little spot on North Central. These gratitinis are a non-alcoholic beverage that use natural plant extracts to remedy any ailments you may possess. Some examples include The Adaptogentle One, a stress modifier; Sunshine Lemon Parasol, a mood booster; and Cacao Pleasure Skyline, an aphrodisiac.

If you’re intrigued, stop by their open house Saturday, April 1st from 2 – 6 p.m. for a gratitini or two!

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