Pretzels + Beer Cheese :: Where To Go!

Can we get an amen for pretzels and beer cheese! This is one of our favorite appetizers to order in Knoxville, and below are a few seriously legit places to order at!

Calhoun's On The River

The pretzels are always chewy and consistent and the beer cheese is thick and delicious! You’ll definitely need a second order of pretzels, because you’ll be scrapping the bowl to soak up all the cheese.

Calhoun’s On The River has an incredible view, but a hungry person’s sighting of this appetizer is a better sight.

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Abridged Beer Co.

Abridged Beer Co. puts a spin on this classic app! They add the extra flavor of pimento to their beer cheese dip.

Pretzels and pimento beer cheese pairs perfectly with any of their craft beers. Although, we like their coffee stout the best!

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Drake’s pretzels are bite sized and perfect for dipping! Their app comes with beer cheese and spicy mustard!

The restaurant is known for their burgers, beer and sushi. However, we think their pretzels and beer cheese is pretty noteworthy too!

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Courtesy of Yelp.

K Town Tavern

Start your meal off right with K Town Tavern’s pretzels and beer cheese.

Pretzels come in a hot-black pan to keep them warm for the dip!

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Walmart - Philly Pretzel Factory

We know what you’re thinking, but hear us out! The Philly Pretzel Factory inside of Walmart shapes the delicious treats into T’s, perfect for a UT Tailgate!

Bonus–they also offer spicy cheese dip! GO VOLS.

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