Here’s to a Great Day in West Knoxville

West Knoxvillians, this ones for you! We’ve rounded up our favorite spots to bring you the perfect West Knoxville day! Whether it’s a park, a coffee shop, or a really good meal... These places won’t disappoint.

Photo Credit: Lakeside Tavern Facebook

Lakeside Tavern

Delicious food and a gorgeous view? What more do you need?! Lakeside Tavern offers some of the best food, drinks, and views in Knoxville! Indulge in a cocktail or fresh seafood, you won’t regret it!

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Photo Credit: Status Dough Facebook

Status Dough

Coffee and doughnuts? Yes please! Status Dough is a chic coffee shop on Kingston Pike that offers delicious coffee drinks and homemade doughnuts. Make this your new work or study spot!

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Photo Credit: Outdoor Knoxville Website

Admiral Park

Take in the great outdoors at Admiral Park! The park is the perfect spot for walking, fishing, disc golfing, and more!

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Photo Credit: Breakout Games- Knoxville Facebook

Breakout Games Knoxville

Up for a challenge? Grab some friends and family and take on a game at Breakout Games Knoxville! With puzzles, codes, and clues to solve, you are sure to be in for an adventure!

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