The Buzz About Beekeeping :: The Honey Harvest

Rich. Golden. Pure. Harvesting honey is a labor of love and the fruits of this job are as sweet as you've ever tasted! Learn a little more from Doug and BEE in the know about the honey harvesting process! #punwin!

Catch up with more from Doug Slocum, our residential beekeeper extraordinaire, with our first installment in our beekeeping series, Buzz About Beekeeping!

Want to know where to get Doug’s Other Honey? Follow him on Facebook and catch him at the Market Square Farmer’s Market on Wednesday’s with his own tent and at the Lacewing Farms tent on Saturday. It can also be found at Rural King Supply in Halls, Riggs Drug Store in Powell, Beaver Creek Nursery in Halls, and at Pratt’s Country Store in Fountain City!