Knoxville Local Holiday Advent Calendar

We're celebrating the holiday season with an advent calendar of our own, featuring the best baked treats Knoxville has to offer! From sweet breads, to cake pops and North Knox to West, we have everything nice on our list...and we checked it twice!

Cinnamon Swirl Loaf

Imagine the possibilities! Cinnamon Swirl French toast, Cinnamon Swirl by the slice or Cinnamon Swirl and butter! For under $10 this loaf, is the best thing since sliced bread!

COST: $5.25/ cinnamon swirl loaf

BAKERY: Old Mill Bread Company

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Christmas Magic Cookie

Cranberries, Orange and Walnut all rolled into Moonshine Mountain Cookie Company’s famous dough! Experience the holidays in a few bites, or just one…we don’t judge!

COST: $2/Christmas magic cookie

BAKERY: Moonshine Mountain Cookie Company

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Red Velvet Cake, Cranberry Walnut Cookies, Salted Caramel Tea Cake Cookie

Take your pick of salted caramel tea cake cookies, red velvet cake or cranberry walnut cookies at Ham N’ Goodys this season!

COST: $5.50/slice of red velvet, $3.95/salted caramel tea cake cookie, $.95/cranberry walnut cookie

BAKERY: Ham N’ Goodys

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Iced Holiday Cookies

Stars, Trees, Reindeers…Oh my! Rita’s Bakery has a variety of freshly iced cookies ready to go this holiday!

COST: $2/iced cookie

BAKERY: Rita’s Bakery

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Any and all desserts at Fountain City Diner

Bring on the cheesecakes, pies and cakes! Fountain City Diner is delivering with big portions and big smiles! Pro Tip: try the red velvet cake or black bottom peanut butter pie!

COST: $5.49/slice of pie, $5.69/slice of cake

BAKERY: Fountain City Diner

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Snowball Cake Pop

What’s cuter than a cake pop? A snowman cake pop! At Scrumps Cupcakes they have a host of fun holiday treats like this little guy!

COST: $3.99/snowman

BAKERY: Scrumps Cupcakes

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Holiday Petit Fours

Nothing is better than a petit four from Mer Mer’s! Enjoy these holiday decorated treats Wednesdays through Saturdays.

COST: $2.25/petit four, $25/dozen

BAKERY: Mer Mer’s Bakery

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Candy Cane Cake

This treat is for my peppermint lovers! Magpies makes a vanilla peppermint cake with smooth peppermint icing on top. YUM!

COST: $16/peppermint cake

BAKERY: Magpies Bakery

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Maple Apple Rye Crust Galette

Imagine maple apple goodness wrapped in a pastry! Wild Love Bakehouse is selling this treat exclusively for the holiday season.

COST: $5/galette

BAKERY: Wild Love Bakehouse

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Holiday Thumbprints

Village Bakery is famous for their thumbprint cookies. This season you can try them in red and green.

COST: $4/dozen

BAKERY: Village Bakery

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Eggnog Cupcakes

We’ll take two! Scrumps eggnog cupcakes are a holiday favorite!

COST: $1.25/mini cupcake, $2.95/jumbo cupcake

BAKERY: Scrumps Cupcakes

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Chocolate Rum Balls

How many bites does it take to finish one of these treats? Two if you’re polite and one if you love chocolate rum balls!

COST: $8.99/box of four

BAKERY: Mer Mer’s Bakery

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Rosemary Pecan Bar

A true taste of the holidays, Wild Love Bakehouse’s Rosemary Pecan Bar is to die for!

COST: $3.25

BAKERY: Wild Love Bakehouse

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More Holiday Petit Fours

Bite size cake with holiday icing? We’re here for it! Try these petit fours at Village Bakery in South Knox!

COST: $1.50/each, $17/dozen

BAKERY: Village Bakery

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Bits & Pieces Hand-Spun Shake

A little bit of this…a little bit of that! Swing into Phoenix Pharmacy for a cool treat this season!

COST: $9/bits & pieces shake

BAKERY: Phoenix Pharmacy

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Shine Nog

Take your eggnog up a notch with Ole Smoky’s spin on a holiday classic!

COST: $20 – $25/a jar

BAKERY: Ole Smoky Moonshine

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Apple Cake Plate

Treat yourself with a taste of home. Apple Cake Tea Room’s specialty plate includes homemade banana bread, chicken salad, glazed fruit and chips!

COST: $8.75/plate

BAKERY: Apple Cake Tea Room

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Salted Caramel Cake

Enjoy a slice of salted caramel cake at VG’s Bakery!

COST: varies

BAKERY: VG’s Bakery

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Challah Bread

The Breadshed Café is rolling out Challah bread for the holiday season. Get it while it lasts!

COST: $7 – $8/loaf

BAKERY: The Breadshed Cafe

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Hazelnut Caramel Truffle Coffee

Peppermint mocha who? The Empty Cup in Cedar Bluff is serving a delicious holiday coffee. Bonus, this coffee shop supports adoption!

COST: $5/cup

BAKERY: The Empty Cup

Red Velvet Donut

Start your day off right, with a holiday donut of course! Try Makers’ red velvet donut this month!

COST: $18/dozen

BAKERY: Makers Donuts

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Holiday Tower of Brownies

Chocolate, candy cane and marshmallow fluff…what more could you ask for? Try the tower of brownies at Frussie’s for a chocolate treat!

COST: varies

BAKERY: Frussie’s

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Mint Donuts

Duck Donuts is rolling out all the stops with mint and peppermint toppings! Create your own combination or try a Duck’s holiday favorite!

COST: varies

BAKERY: Duck’s Donuts

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Peppermint Cookies & Cream Ice Cream Cake

What’s cooler than cool? Peppermint Ice Cream Cake!

COST: $45

BAKERY: Cruze Dairy Farm

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