How To Keep Your Flowers As Fre$h As Your Love

Whether you’ve been dating a month or have been married 20 years, flowers are a no-brainer. But, unless you’re snagging an affordable bunch from Trader Joe’s, bouquets can easily rack up a high price tag. This year, get your money’s worth by following our tips for keeping your flowers fresh!


Cutting the Stems

To ensure your flowers last as long as possible, you’ll want to cut their stems at a 45-degree angle. This diagonal cut helps maximize water intake. Be sure to cut the stems underwater to prevent any air bubbles from getting into the stems!

Removing Thorns, Leaves, and Pollen

Strip down your flowers of ugly leaves and thorns – but be careful! Pricking a finger never feels good, and an ugly bandage on your finger can detract from your manicure. Use caution when removing leaves in order to prevent tearing part of the stem, as this can make the flower prone to infection. And if you purchase lilies, remove the stamens (the part with the pollen) to extend the life of your flowers. Note that the pollen stains clothing, so be extra careful if you’re already in that date-night dress when removing the stamens!


Placing your flowers in a vase full of water might sound like a simple task, but there are a couple tricks that can give your bouquet a few extra days of life! Florists say that lukewarm water is best for a flourishing arrangement, but cooler temperatures work well too. Don’t forget to change out your water every 2 – 3 days for maximum freshness!


Setting your arrangement in sunlight might seem like a good idea, but this will actually decrease the life of your plants! Instead, place the vase in an area with diffused light. Because these flowers no longer require sunlight to grow, direct light can speed up the decaying process and leave them wilted before the weekend! Flowers should also be placed in a cool setting, so placing them next to a heating vent probably isn’t a good idea.