5 Best Places to Geek Out in K-Town

Knoxville isn’t just for football fans or college students! We’ve looked high and low, under rock and game board, from Mordor to The Federation Outpost at Wolf 359, for the BEST ways to get your geek on, #KDUB style!

Knoxville Fanboy Expo and Comic Con

Bust out your spandex and cape!  Knoxville Fanboy Expo & Comic Con is the ULTIMATE geek out weekend (costume optional, but preferred, obvi). Happening for an entire weekend every summer at the Knoxville Convention Center, the Fanboy Expo & Comic Con has something for every fanboy across pop culture.  Meet the actors who played your favorite character, enter the costume contest, and purchase the perfect fanboy merchandise to add to your collection [and, PS, if it’s a shrine dedicated to William Shatner, we don’t want to know.]  Chewie, we’re home!

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Extra Stage Arcade

Forward, forward, left, right, back!  Start memorizing those patterns; it’s time for Dance Dance Revolution!  Located inside the Knoxville Center Mall, Extra Stage Arcade has the best of the best Bemani arcade games in Knoxville.  Think you do a mean Freddie Mercury impression?  Put it to the test with Bohemian Rhapsody on Rockband 3!  Let’s be real though, no one does Freddie like Freddie…  Looking for console games?  They also have Mario Kart and Smash Bros.  If you play Mario Kart like we do, friendships may be ruined, but it’s a risk we’re willing to take.  Damn Blue Shell.

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Geeks Who Drink

Monday just became your new favorite day of the week!  Every Monday at 8pm, Preservation Pub on Market Square hosts Geeks Who Drink, a pub-based quiz night that’ll put your randomly acquired knowledge to the test.  The quiz consists of eight rounds with eight questions per round, and team size is limited to six players.  Not interested… yet?  There’s a chance to win free pints if your team answers five bonus questions throughout the night.  Talk about #winning.  Now, get out there and brush up on those movie one-liners: “Roads?  Where we’re going, we don’t need roads,” … that, my friend, could win you a free beer.

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Fort Sanders Yacht Club

Is it a bar?  Is it an arcade?  No, it’s a barcade!  Let us be the first to tell you that this combo was a match made in heaven… like, the pearly gates one.  Located right off campus on 17th Street, Fort Sanders Yacht Club is the ultimate hang out spot for classic arcade game enthusiasts.  This hole in the wall will keep you coming back with its reasonably priced beer, Super Nintendo, and chillaxed atmosphere.  If you’re looking for your new place, then look no further!  Now start saving up those quarters, Mortal Kombat awaits.

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Harrogate's Lounge

Continue saving those quarters because here comes our second barcade on the list!  If you can’t tell, this is our new favorite thing.  Because it’s amazing.  Located on S. Gay Street, Harrogate’s Lounge combines your favorite classic arcade games with your favorite high gravity pints.  Along with games like Pac-Man and Frogger, Harrogate’s also offers skee ball, fooseball, and pinball – so challenge a friend or compete for the high score.  Every game is either a quarter, or 50 cents, so bring a five and close it down like a boss.  Go on now, Pac-Man needs your help to defeat the ghosts.

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Have you got an amazing destination that really brings out your inner geek? Submit a subspace transmission and tell us about it!