5 Common Misconceptions About Black Cats

It's National Black Cat Day, to celebrate we're debunking myths and misconceptions about black cats! Bonus, this is a cat video!

Meet the shelter cats behind the video! Adopt these furballs at Young-Williams Animal Shelter.


Nisa enjoys cat nip, chasing strings, snuggling and showing everyone whose boss!

The 4-year-old female is self employed and enjoys traveling!

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Precious always has skinny cow ice cream cones in her freezer and goes to Zumba once a month!

The 5-year-old female is extremely snuggly and likes other animals.

She loves to run and get exercise!

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Clyde is very playful, feisty and happy-go-lucky!

The 1-year-old female’s favorite hobby is napping.

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October is a gentle soul that loves to be held! Her favorite seat is the human lap.

The 2-year-old female is ready to go home today!

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