Chattanooga Locals Favorite Fried Chicken

What do fried chicken, tamales and signed $1 bills have in common?

Nothing really, but at Champy’s all three elements come together to build the character of this Chattanooga staple.

Right when you walk through the doors you’re greeted with the smell of  fried chicken, novelty pictures of  blues singers and strings of Christmas lights.

We sat next to The King, Elvis Presley, and two locals with a table named after their friend group. “The Family Table” hosts a group of the owner’s closest friends.

Seth and Crissy Champion opened the first Champy’s restaurant in 2009. Their family’s famous fried chicken recipe allowed them to expand to Alabama, Georgia and other parts of Tennessee.

While Champy’s fried chicken is tasty, their tamales are also noteworthy!

Each order of tamales comes with a side of saltines and cole slaw. The owner says tamales are best when scooped on crackers and topped with slaw.

Tamales were our appetizers to the fried chicken. We piled our plates high with tenders, hushpuppies, green beans and potato salad.

Our feast concluded with the Champy’s rite of passage: signing and hanging a one dollar bill. In true Tennessee style, we secured our dollar next to Elvis’ portrait. Look for it next time you go!

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