DeSocio in the Kitchen :: Sausage and Peppers for Father’s Day

Surprise dad this Father's Day with this simple, filling recipe with featuring beer-soaked brats, sauteed peppers and onions, and tangy German potato salad.


5 bratwurst
3 cans of dark beer – I used Guinness
1 large Sweet onion – cut into slices
1 bell pepper – cut into slices
2 pads of butter
Stone ground (or spicy) mustard – enough to your liking
2 fresh baguettes – cut into portions to fit the brats


In a medium pot, heat beer over medium heat. Once heated add brats and bring to a low boil. Boil until brats are cooked through, about 15 minutes. Boiling the brats low and slow ensures everything stays juicy.

While brats are boiling prepare the onions and peppers. In a medium skillet melt about 2 pads of butter (replace with olive oil if you prefer). Once butter has melted add in sliced onion and pepper. Season with a little salt and pepper. Saute until soft and easily cut with a fork. Note: for even more flavor I’ll add a drizzle of thick balsamic to the finished onions and pepper.

Back to the brats. Preheat a stove top grill pan (or your outdoor grill, if that’s what you prefer) over medium/high heat. Using tongs carefully take the brats out of the beer and place on to the grill pan. Grill until you’ve reach the desired char/grill marks. Note: another way to keep your brats juicy, is to baste the brats with the left over beer from boiling as they are grilling.

While the brats are grilling prepare the bread. I like to warm the bread in the oven to get it nice and hot and crunchy. After, apply as much mustard as you’d like. Place one brat per bread and top with onions and pepper!

As an accompaniment I like to serve there brats with my Authentic German Potato Salad.

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