Four Places To Cool Down in K-Town

It’s hot.  You’re hot.  We’re hot.  Everybody’s hot.  So, before East Tennessee humidity kills us all, check out these cool down spots…

Ice Chalet

What better way to cool down than to channel winter?  As luck would have it, Knoxville’s Ice Chalet is a year-around ice skating rink located on Lebanon Street in Bearden.  Offering public skate sessions, as well as lessons, shows, and ice sports, Ice Chalet is the perfect place to escape the heat.  I mean, come on, it’s solid ice.  Pretty chill, huh?  Admission is only six dollars and skate rental is five.  So, get your hats and scarves out of storage for winter in July!

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Paddle Or Kayak at the Quarry

Paddle faster!  Humidity is coming!  Hit Mead’s Quarry Lake at Ijam’s Nature Center for paddle boarding, kayaking, or canoeing – maybe all at once?!  Workin’ up a sweat while you paddle?  Have no fear!  Take a dip in the Quarry to cool off and enjoy the scenery around you.  Boards, kayaks, and canoes can be rented by the hour for 12 dollars an hour.  Sooooo, get out there and grab a paddle!  Is that banjo music…? You hear it too, right?

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Cherokee Caverns

What better way to beat the heat than by burrowing underground?  Located on the Oak Ridge Highway, Cherokee Caverns is a historic underground passage and cave open for special events throughout the year and for group tours by request.  Each group tour must have a minimum of 10 guests, and admission is only 10 dollars per guest.  During the summer, the cave averages around 58 degrees, so bundle up and head on down!  Warning: don’t touch the stalagmites!  Seriously, it’s like the cardinal rule of cave touring… #themoreyouknow.

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Court of Flags Fountains

Bust out that speedo and grab a towel; we’re heading to World’s Fair Park!  Located within the World’s Fair Park, Court of Flags Fountains is an interactive water feature and one-story-high water geyser on the edge of the performance lawn.  The fountains are very popular amongst children; however, if you want to take a run through*, we won’t judge.  I mean, someone probably will, but it definitely won’t be us.  Using this facility is absolutely free, so what are you waiting for?!  Taking a frolic through the fountain is in no way overrated.  *A little birdy [definitely not anyone on staff, of course] told us not to stand directly on top of the geyser… so… #justsayin

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Do you have a favorite cool down spot? Tell us about it! We’re already sweaty.