Eight Healthy Options In Knoxville That Don’t Actually Suck

New year, new me!!! If 2017 has inspired you to be the best possible you, we feel that. We also understand that being healthy isn’t always the easiest – especially when good food is involved.

That's why we're sharing some of our favorite healthy eateries in Knoxville. These eight spots are proving that eating clean doesn't have to suck. These places will have you licking your plate clean - without any guilt attached!

1. Bistro at the Bijou

Sure, not everything at Bistro at the Bijou is certified “healthy,” but this quaint downtown restaurant makes it easy to dine out without feeling huge afterward. Opt for their Superfood Salad, Protein Power Lunch with Salmon, or (our personal favorite) Veggie Bowl for a filling, health-conscious meal. Oh – and if your new 2017 diet has some strict dietary restrictions, don’t worry. Their menu has specific options for vegetarians and gluten-free eaters alike.

Photo: Bistro at the Bijou

2. Tomato Head

Tomato Head is another downtown dining option with a variety of healthy options. Yes, while this place is known for some mouth-watering pizzas, they’ve also perfected the art of salads that actually taste good, and sandwiches that hit all the major food groups. And, if you have a sweet tooth after your meal, head up to the glass-covered counter at the front and order one of their vegan sweet treats!

Photo: Tomato Head

3. Sanctuary

To all my friends who have ever scoffed at the vegan lifestyle, I would like to direct you to West Knoxville’s Sanctuary. This new, 100 percent vegan restaurant is serving up dishes that are bursting with flavor and void of any animal products. Sanctuary opened last month, but is already making a big name for itself – thanks to dishes like their Lentil Meatloaf, Kale and Spinach Salad, and Grilled Beet Burger (pictured to the left).

Photo: Sanctuary Vegan Cafe

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4. Juice Bar

Looking back at everything we ate and drank over the holiday season, a major detox is exactly what we need. For the entire month of January, Juice Bar is offering 15 percent off their cleanses! Visit their location in Market Square or Bearden to try a 1-, 2-, or 3-day cleanse at a discount. They have three different cleanses to choose from, so select the one that best fits your lifestyle and goals!

Photo: Juice Bar

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5. Juice Box

If you’re looking for something a little more substantial than a juice or a smoothie, but still want to give your body all those nutrients, a trip to Juice Box is just what you need. Their Acai and Pitaya Bowls act as, not only our own personal hangover detox, but also double as a vitamin-heavy breakfast or mid-day snack! Choose different toppings (from fresh fruit to bee pollen) to get all the right nutrients in your system.

Photo: Juice Box

6. First Watch

Most dishes at First Watch are pretty health-conscious. But for all my health nuts out there who are seriously trying to eat clean, First Watch makes it easy with “The Healthier Side.” This part of the menu includes their dishes with all the proteins, carbs, and healthy fats you need to start your day off strong.

Photo: First Watch

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7. Paleo Cafe & Coffeehouse

Is it any surprise that a cafe in a building dubbed “The Health Factory” made our list of healthy spots to eat? Our friends at the Paleo Cafe & Coffeehouse are bringing Knoxville all the foods your great-great-great-great-ancestors used to eat…sort of. While all their dishes are paleo-friendly and coincide with the “Caveman Diet,” they all have a creative, modern twist. Need convincing to try this one out? Just take a look at these Paleo BBQ Chicken Nachos.

Photo: @thingstodoinknoxville

8. Dinner Bell Fresh

The terms “clean eating” and “food truck” aren’t a common duo… but in Knoxville, there’s a vegan food truck that has successfully combined these two concepts. On any given night, you’ll find Dinner Bell Fresh at your favorite local brewery with a truck chock-full of vegan dishes. In the past, they’ve served up soups, tacos, sausage, waffles, and cauliflower so good you’ll actually want to order a veggie plate (pictured to the left). To get all their latest updates, follow them on social media!

Photo: @dinnerbellfresh

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Been to any of these healthy places yet? Let us know what you thought! We're on Facebook and Instagram @knoxvilleweekend and Twitter @knoxweekend.