Horse Haven :: Helping Horses of East Tennessee

Horse Haven rescues equine animals from abusive situations and restores their trust. The organization also trains the horses, so they're ready to adopt and race!

Rescue, Rehabilitate, Rehome is the motto of Horse Haven of East Tennessee. The organization helps abused equine animals gain strength and find a forever home.

State and local law enforcement works with Horse Haven to pick up neglected animals and take care of them during criminal abuse and neglect cases. In 2016, 55 horses were brought to Horse Haven of East Tennessee and 23 of those horses were adopted and rehomed.

One of their success stories is Twinkie, Horse Haven’s mascot. When the miniature horse arrived at Horse Haven, his hooves were severely overgrown and curled. Twinkie was kept in a small dog crate and was neglected by his owners.

After working on his feet and cutting his hooves down, Twinkie was no longer in pain and trusting of people. Now the miniature horse, is the star of the barn. He even has a girlfriend named Cupcake! While many horses are adopted from the program, Twinkie stays and shares an example of what the organization can do for abused equine.

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