How To Get Fit… And Not Even Know It!

Everyone likes looking good. And sometimes we workout without even knowing it! Here are a few tips and tricks to enhance your daily routine that might help you shed some pounds and tone that bod!

Cleaner Teeth and Stronger Quads

They say to brush your teeth for two minutes, right?  Usually you’re doing nothing during that time other than check out your bed head or notice how fabulous your beard is looking.  Take those 120 seconds and do air squats, wall sits, or lunges.  It’ll add up – and be harder than you think… #hotlegs #freshbreath

Walk And Talk In Meetings

Don’t sit down at the conference room table, take it outside and walk that booty while you’re brainstorming with your colleague[s]!  Need to make notes?  Include Siri in on that walk to take the notes for you!

Drink Water

The more you drink, the more you’ll have to get up and use the restroom.  So, more walking and flushing those toxins out – voila!  We challenge you to a gallon day a day.  Think you’ve got it in you?  We do.  #twobirdsonestone

Dance... All Day

Don’t hold it all in; we know you are lovin’ all over that new Beyoncé song.  While I would highly encourage blaring that music and dancin’ all over the place in public, it may not be reasonable if you work at a, say, library.  So, do it before work, while you’re with your kiddos, and especially on your way down the driveway to get the trash can and mail.  #coolkidontheblock

Walk That Extra Mile

Park at the back of the lot – every. single. time.  Open your blinds in the morning, but not in order; front to back, left to right, then another one in the front, another in the back, and so on.  Making the bed in the morning?  Move from side to side for every single component; sheet, duvet, pillows, and all those pretty Pottery Barn ones, too.  And, of course, always, always, always take the stairs.  No matter what!  Well, unless you’re carrying a kid… but, for the record, if you did, you get #kickbutt bonus points.

Email-Free Days

Think you can do it?  Skip the e-message and walk over to your colleague to fill them in on the latest super-important-forward-worthy news.  Meet ‘em at the water cooler.  Walk to the post office and mail them some snail mail.  Just move – and get off the computer for a few!

Kiss Your Way To Stronger Arms

Have a wee-one at home?  Lay them down beneath you and kiss your way [via push-up] to fabulous arms.  Warning: Don’t do so many that you wear yourself out and squish the little nugget.  Have kids, but they’re too old for this?  Have them sit on top of you while you’re getting your push-ups on; you get to play superhero and they get to laugh their belly off.

How do you secretly get your sweat on when you think no one is watching – especially you? Tell us so we can share the secret!