How To Spend Your SNOW Day

Ice Ice Baby, too cold, too cold! Vanilla Ice knows what's up! It's a SNOW DAY in East Tennessee! Spend the day building snowmen, watching movies and baking delicious treats! Below are a few ways to play inside on this cold, icy day!


Heat up your house and fill your stomach with some delicious baked treats! Start the morning with made from scratch buttermilk biscuits! Later on save room for four ingredient shortbread cookies!


GET OUTSIDE! Snow is rare in East Tennessee so spend the day playing in it! Throw a snowball, sled and build a snowman!!!!

Watching Movies

Catch up on that movie you’ve been wanting to see! Cozy up with a mug of hot chocolate and these snow-themed films!

Making Hot Drinks

Start your day with a hot cup of joe! Add in a couple of extra ingredients to make it a next level treat!

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