#KDUB Box of Chocolates

14 days of sweets for your sweetheart! Try a chocolate treat from some of seriously decadent places in, and around, Knoxville!

Chocolate Cupcake with Chocolate Frosting

A delicious classic!

COST: $2.50/cupcake

WHERE: Magpie’s Bakery

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Nutty Butty Holly Cookies

Here’s to all my peanut butter chocolate lovers!

COST: $2/cookie, buy 6 get one free

WHERE: Moonshine Mountain Cookie Company

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Cupid's Chocolate Soda Float

Try a chocolate soda float with strawberry ice cream and sprinkles! Cupid will make your taste buds fall in love!

COST: $5.50

WHERE: The Phoenix Pharmacy

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I-40 Pie

Chocolate chips, pecans and coconut will make you want to pull over for the I-40 pie!

COST: $4.25/pie, $16/box of four pies

WHERE: Buttermilk Sky Pie Shop

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Organic Chocolate Stout

Organic means it’s good for you, so grab a six pack at Casual Pint!

COST: $4.49/bottle

WHERE: Casual Pint Downtown

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Jack Daniel's Truffles

A truffle with a twist!

COST: $2.59/truffle

WHERE: Coffee and Chocolate

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Photo Credit: Honeybee Coffee Instagram

Mocha Latte

Start your morning off with a chocolate treat!

COST: $4.50

WHERE: Honeybee Coffee

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38 Valentine's Special

Split a sundae with your sweetie! The 38 Valentine’s special has chocolate ice cream with cherry syrup covered in two hard shells of white and milk chocolate!

COST: $6

WHERE: The Phoenix Pharmacy

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Churros with Chocolate Sauce

Date night at Chivo’s! Stick around for dessert and try their churros with chocolate sauce!

COST: $5

WHERE: Chivo Taqueria

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Salted Chocolate Sable Cookies

Treat yourself to a French chocolate butter cookie sprinkled with sea salt!

COST: $2.25

WHERE: Wild Love Bakehouse

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Chocolate Candy Apples

Chocolate dipped and candy coated, what could be better?

COST: $5.95 – $9.95

WHERE: Chocolate Monkey – West Town Mall

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Chocolate Cream Pie

Get this tasty treat by the slice or the pie!

COST: $5.49/slice, $24.99/pie

WHERE: Fountain City Diner

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Dark Chocolate Coffee Sippin' Cream

Sip a little ‘Shine in your coffee! This cream liqueur smells like brown sugar, toffee and love.

COST: $24.99/jar

WHERE: Sugarlands Distilling Co.

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Ganache Raspberry Chocolates

Ganache raspberry chocolates? We’ll take 2 boxes please!

COST: $1/piece, $25/ half lb box

WHERE: Schakolad Chocolate Factory

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