#KDUB Crash Course :: Road Biking

There is ALWAYS time to learn a new skill, and in Crash Course, we want to show you how anything can be achieved with dedication and support.

Crash Course is an idea that anyone can learn a new skill with enough time, tools, dedication, and support. So our Executive Producer decided to put the idea to the test.

Patrick has always enjoyed being fit and active, but one thing he’d never tried: Road Biking. Sure he’s jumped out of planes and is always ready for adventure, but it takes a special kind of drive to invest your body and mind into one of the most intense activities and sports around.

So he decided to find out exactly what it takes to put yourself in the fast lane and become a road biker. There was just one catch… he only had three weeks to figure it all out before he took on a 65-mile bike ride with Pedal For Alzheimer’s.

Join Patrick on his journey as he trains with National Fitness Center and find out if he’s got what it takes to make it all the way!

Click here for his full interview with Joshua Crisp from Pedal for Alzheimer’s.

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