Calling All Pickle-Lovers

Pickle flavored drinks are kind of a big dill - sorry, we had to! Pick your poison below at one of Knoxville's local watering holes!

Pickle Beer

Ask for the Sorachi Ace for a pickle experience like no other! This beer doesn’t have any dill-flavored ingredients, but customers have deemed it “the pickle beer.” Printshop brews out of their shop in South Knoxville.

WHERE TO TRY: Printshop Beer Co.

WHAT TO EXPECT: Hops and Dill aftertaste

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Pickle Snowball

A mean, green, ice machine! If you’re looking to cool down this treat packs the perfect salty punch! It’s just like drinking a chilled jar of pickle juice – mmmm!

WHERE TO TRY: Pelican’s SnoBall

WHAT TO EXPECT: Just like pickle juice

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Pickle Martini

Would you like your martini shaken or stirred? Sunspot cans their own pickles and jalapeños. The result is a sweet and spicy treat that will leave you wanting more!


WHAT TO EXPECT: Surprisingly sweet

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Pickleback Shot

One shot of spicy whiskey followed by an ounce of pickle juice. Sound tasty? Order the pickleback shot next time you go out! Make sure to ask for the hot George Dickle!

WHERE TO TRY: Maple Hall

WHAT TO EXPECT: Pickle juice completely cuts the whiskey

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