Knoxville Might Be the Best Place to Live in America

Here are 10 reasons Knoxville, Tennessee is one of the best places to live!

It’s SO liveable

I once read that, if the average American city scores a 100 in cost-of-living, Knoxville scores an 85. I’m not sure if that’s an exact statistic, but there’s a lot of truth to it! Knoxville is affordable, and you’ll find plenty to do here in this scruffy lil’ city.

All the cool kids are doing it

No, but seriously. These days, young professionals are flocking to the Scruffy City. Go find your fellow yo-pros at group runs, New2Knox socials, or the Old City on weekends!

These people are genuinely awesome

People in Knoxville are weirdly-nice human beings. People genuinely enjoy making friends! As someone who has traveled around the world, I can confidently say that people around here are exceptionally friendly folks; southern hospitality is very real.

The food

Forget about that college “Freshman Fifteen.” A friend of mine calls it the “Tennessee Twenty-Five,” because she gained 25 pounds shortly after moving to Knoxville. With so many good dining options – from breakfast to dinner – it’s way too easy to stuff your face here.

The music scene

There is ALWAYS live music somewhere. Whether it’s a Tuesday night and there’s live jazz in Market Square, or one of Knoxville’s many music festivals, there’s always somewhere to get jiggy with it. And – to make things even better – so much of the music is free!

It’s a great place to start a family

This one goes hand in hand with the livability sentiment. You can find a decently priced home out here, and the suburbs are safe and kid-friendly – perfect for raising kids.

You can’t find this kind of nature anywhere else

East Tennessee is famous for the Smoky Mountains. But if having a major national park hasn’t got you convinced, we’ve also got lakes, greenway trails, and caverns…plus, the Baker Creek Preserve and Ijams Nature Center. And on top of all that, the leaves are absolutely beautiful come fall!

There’s adventure around every corner

If you love the outdoors, hike House Mountain or paddleboard on Norris Lake. If you’re into craft beer, plan your trip on the Knoxville Ale Trail. If nightlife is your thing? Head to the Old City or Market Square for a night of debauchery. There are also festivals around town each month, and – whether you’re passionate about music, biscuits, or barbecue – there’s probably a day-long celebration for you!

Roadtrippin’ has never been easier

You’re within a day’s drive of so many cities, including Nashville, Ashville, Charleston, Charlotte, Atlanta… the list goes on and on. If you ever want out of the city for a weekend, it’s too easy to take a mini-vacay!

The sense of community

People in East Tennessee freakin’ LOVE East Tennessee. From supporting local vendors at the Farmer’s Market to breweries who regularly bring in local bands to play, the support for other East Tennesseans is unreal. Even if you’re a transplant [as long as you didn’t go to Florida], you’ll find yourself sporting bright orange on gameday and singing Rocky Top at the top of your lungs.

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