Nacho Average Nacho ;)

BBQ, pot roast, drenched in name it, Knoxville's got it! Try these delicious spots for your next round of nachos!

Photo Credit: Abridged Beer Co./Facebook

Abridged Beer Co.

Known for their beer…but really their nachos! Pile up your plate with homemade chips, pot roast, jalapenos and beans! These nachos are not meant to share!

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Photo Credit: Dead End BBQ/Facebook

Dead End BBQ

Nothing says nachos like BBQ! Try a southern twist on our favorite menu item!

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Photo Credit: Chivo Taqueria/Facebook

Chivo Taqueria

If you haven’t tried Chivo’s nachos yet, you haven’t experienced nachos! Picture this queso, roasted corn, black beans, jalapenos, avocados & cream, KOREAN BBQ and pico de gallo!

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La Esperanza

Tucked away on Washington Pike, La Esperanza, is a hidden gem! Order a plate of chicken fajita nachos and don’t forget a pastry on the way out!

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Photo Credit: Señor Taco/Facebook

Señor Taco

Cheese, bean, beef, chicken, fajita, shrimp…you name it, Señor Taco has it! Every platter has handmade chips!

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Photo Credit: Casa Don Gallo/Facebook

Casa Don Gallo

Casa Don Gallo nachos supremos are topped with ground beef, shredded chicken, beans, lettuce and pico de gallo! Who else is ready for dinner?!

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Photo Credit: Full Service BBQ/Facebook

Full Service BBQ

Who doesn’t love a plate of barbecue nachos? Eat yours with chicken or pork and another one of our favorite’s BBQ sauce!

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