Pile Up Your Plate For National Pancake Day

Flap jacks, pancakes, griddle cakes...whatever you call them, we'll eat them! It's National Pancake Day and what better way to celebrate than with our favorite breakfast food! (We don't judge if it's your favorite dinner food too.) Here's five places to try today!

Photo Credit: Pancake Pantry/Facebook

Pancake Pantry

Pancake Pantry is the HOLY GRAIL of breakfast! This family owned restaurant lies in the heart of Smokies, and is well worth the drive to Gatlinburg. Make sure to call ahead for a reservation this place is always packed.

ITEMS TO TRY:  Sweet potato pancakes, banana pineapple triumph, apricot-lemon delight, really ANYTHING!

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Photo Credit: The Plaid Apron/Facebook

The Plaid Apron

Looking for a tasty, gluten free option? The Plaid Apron is the spot to go for pancakes!!! Try their almond griddle cakes topped with Sorghum vanilla butter, roasted apples and maple syrup! One word: DELICIOUS.

ITEMS TO TRY: GF almond griddle cakes, GF almond cakes during weekend brunch

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Photo Credit: Scrambled Jake's/Facebook

Scrambled Jake's Breakfast Co.

Pancakes with granola & honey, fresh fruit, chocolate chips and real whipped cream? Count us in!!!!! Make sure and ask for their real maple, blackberry or peach infused syrups for your flapjacks!

ITEMS TO TRY: Blackberry infused syrup, granola & honey pancake

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Photo Credit: Pete's Restaurant/Facebook

Pete's Restaurant

Pete’s – a Knoxville classic! Get your pancake on with blueberries, pecans or chocolate chips mixed in. Don’t forget a side of their famous home fries!

ITEMS TO TRY: 1 egg & 1 pancake, specialty pancakes

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Photo Credit: Sami's Cafe Website

Sami's Cafe

Sami’s Cafe is one of West Knoxville’s favorite breakfast and lunch spots, but let’s focus on the breakfast. Sami’s serves your traditional down home breakfast with delicious biscuits, sausage, eggs, bacon, ham, gravy, and on and on, but definitely include pancakes and maple syrup to your order!

ITEMS TO TRY: The Blueberry Pancakes… enough said!

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