Six Delightful Artists You Should Know

Paint. Letterpress. Mixed Media.

Art comes in many different forms, and Knoxville has it all! We have a few artists in particular who stand out as being truly reflective of our fair scruffy city.

Here are six artists we love who are reppin' the 865!

Paris Woodhull

Paris Woodhull is a Knoxville native whose work inspired us to put together this article! Her art attracts the celebrity-obsessed, Knoxville-lovers, and map-enthusiasts. Paris creates watercolors and prints featuring eclectic designs, bright colors, and humorous concepts. Find her stuff at Rala, or her Etsy shop!

Photo: Paris Woodhull / Etsy

Ashley Layendecker

You can recognize an Ashley Layendecker painting right away, as her style is pretty distinct. All of her pieces incorporate lines or rectangles, embodying a grid-like structure. Ashley says her works are “using the grid to illustrate human tendencies within elements of construction.” Pretty deep, huh? While all of her work utilizes this concept, Ashley incorporates different patterns and colors to emote varying emotions and feelings from her pieces. Her latest work can be found on her website.

Photo: / Instagram

David and Rebecca Mattingly Harman

If you’ve stopped into Rala, you have surely come across David Harman and Rebecca Mattingly Harman’s NativeMaps. This husband-wife duo are the brains and designers behind the creative twist on city maps, which include cities like Dallas, Nashville, Los Angeles, along with our fair Scruffy City. Each map is divided into neighborhoods, districts, and boroughs. If you ever find yourself having to move away from your native city, NativeMaps is the common cure for the homesick heart. Check out their Etsy shop to get a closer look at all their city maps!

Photo: NativeMaps / Etsy

Zach Searcy

Zach Searcy uses paint, silkscreen, and pigment transfer to create his mixed media works of art. You may have seen Zach’s work around town – he’s had dozens of exhibitions over the past few years. His art is truly representative of the Scruffy City; it’s unique, colorful, and not afraid to break the “traditional” mold. He has quite the variety, so be sure to visit his website for more beautiful works of art.

Photo: Zach Searcy /

Laura Baisden

She’s creative. Eclectic. Colorful, fun, and…nevernice!

Camp Nevernice is run by Laura Baisden, a local artist with a true passion for letterpress prints. Laura worked at Nashville’s Hatch Show Print before opening her own letterpress shop here in Knoxville. Her pieces are light and her concepts are one-of-a-kind. You can tell Laura has a sense of humor, too, as many of her prints will make you chuckle! Browse her work on her Etsy shop or her website.

Photo: Camp Nevernice / Etsy

Mike Berry

This spot look familiar? It should! (That’s the Happy Holler ‘hood, if you aren’t familiar with the area). Mike Berry captures popular Knoxville spots in paintings and prints. His work is colorful and a little abstract, and his unique style makes it easy to recognize his work! Find his originals in The District Gallery on Kingston Pike, his prints in Rala, and a compilation of his work at his website.

Photo: Mike Berry /