Your ‘Gram Guide to Chattanooga, TN!

If you didn't post a picture in Chattanooga, were you really even there? Here's a look at the most Instagram-worthy spots in the Scenic City.

Walnut Street Bridge

One of the world’s largest pedestrian bridges is also one of the most instagramable! Walnut Street Bridge has over 2,000 feet to bike, walk and of course, take pictures!

We suggest the Karlie Kloss jump pose, to show off how athletic you are on the Gram!

Polka Dot Wall

Did you even visit Chattanooga if you didn’t take a picture at the polka dot wall? These colorful spots are sprayed on the back of a warehouse building, across the street from the Chattanooga Choo¬† Choo. It’s a block off Market St. and W Main St.

Pose to try: hands on hips, smile on lips.

Mirror Pic!

You know you want to!

See double at Southside Social’s bowling alley bar. In between enjoying live music, bowling and eating, make sure to get your mirror selfie on.

Fun fact: The bathroom’s don’t have mirrors, so you’ll have to go to the downstairs bar next to the bowling alley for this one.

Pro tip: Scoot chairs and tables out of the way for this casual lounge look.

Flying Donut Mural

What’s better than a donut? Multiple donuts floating on a mural for you to take a picture with! This wall is at W 20th St and Broad St. next to an Enterprise.

We recommend standing by it.

Chattanooga Graffiti Wall

These tags are right across from the polka dot wall, downtown.

Pose to try: Off camera look. Have your followers dying to know what you’re looking at!

Ancient Mural

Tucked beneath the base of the Walnut Street bridge and aside Ross’s Landing¬†is an ancient-looking mural. Walk, bike or run through Ross’s Landing beautiful green space on the river to get your Gram on. This mural is right across the street from the Chattanooga Aquarium.

We suggest smizing…or a fighting stance. Up to you.

Men On A Wall

Only in Chattanooga can you rub elbows with Steve Jobs. You’ll find Steve and a few of his friends in the Northshore district at Fraizer Ave and Tremont St.

This wall is across the street from Base Camp Bar & Restaurant. A great place for a snack after your big photo shoot.

Pose to try: The Look Up.


"Little Italy" Bluff View Art District

Travel to Italy…or to what looks like Italy in Chattanooga’s Bluff View Art District. Every corner has beautiful views and picturesque backgrounds.

You must have a photography pass to take pictures in this part of town. These are sold at the River Gallery.

We recommend posing by your favorite cafe!

20/20 Vision Mural

Students at The Howard School created this mural that’s nearly one and a half football field’s length. It’s covered in eyes and vision for the future! Each eye painting has a unique story and meaning. Walk along the 450 feet piece of art to find your perfect backdrop.

No pose necessary! Just look at the incredible art work.

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